Brake Repair

Brake Repair

It goes without saying that the brakes on your vehicle are its primary safety feature and once they’ve experienced excessive wear, it will take you longer to stop in emergency situations.  Furthermore, if the drums and rotors wear tool thin, they can become over-stressed and break.  Fortunately, you can avoid a lot of grief and more costly repairs by bringing your vehicle to Velocity Repair for regular preventative maintenance checks.  Regular maintenance helps to stop any minor damage snowballing into an auto emergency. Any time you have doubts regarding the condition or stopping ability of your brakes, you should always contact us or stop by our shop.

Factors that affect the Life of Your Brakes

One of the more common questions we answer at our shop is “How long will my brakes last?” That really depends on how often you drive your vehicle and the way that you drive it.  Brakes don’t just fail suddenly without warning.  They deteriorate over time.  The lifespan of your brakes depends on the following factors:

  • Brake pad material – brake pads typically come in 4 types of materials – ceramic, metallic, organic, and semi-metallic. Although ceramic brake pads will usually outlast the other 3 materials, they’re costlier.

  • Caliper malfunction – a caliper that gets stuck will cause a brake pad to constantly rub on the rotor and cause the pad to wear down very fast.
  • City vs. rural driving – city driving requires faster and more frequent braking which causes rapid wear. The opposite is true when it comes to rural driving.
  • Putting new pads on warped or worn-down rotors – you might be tempted to try and save a few bucks by merely replacing the brake pads and not addressing the rotors. This will wind up costing you more in the long run because the pads will wear out faster.
  • Your driving habits – it’s always best to brake gradually and come to a stop slowly. If you brake too hard or ride your brakes, they’re going to wear out much quicker.

We specialize in Brake Repair

One of the signs that indicate the need for repair is a grinding noise or pulsing sensation that you feel when pushing down on the brake pedal.  Velocity Repair can diagnose a broad range of brake problems and repair them quickly and efficiently. We have some of the best mechanics and auto experts on our team. Some of the more common repairs that we specialize in include:

  • repair ABS (anti-lock braking system)
  • replace brake pads and brake shoes
  • replace/resurface drums and rotors
  • service hydraulics (calipers, hoses, and wheel cylinders)

Additionally, we suggest that you have a brake inspection once every 5,000 miles.  Our certified brake technicians will inspect all of the vital components including brake pads, brake shoes, drums, linings, pads, and rotors and evaluate their condition.  At that time, we’ll recommend repairs and replacements in order to maintain the integrity of your brake system.

For more information, call Velocity Repair at (508) 500-1303 or visit our website today.